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Well. Ive decided im going to do it. Sign with frame models. I ought to sign, scan contract, make a visa appointment etc. soon because i feel that if i dont do all of this with a ‘haphazard, now now now!’-approach, ill fall into pondering again. They want me to come first week of january, but if i get the whole contract thing settled now, there wont be any turning back; which is good. I think. God.

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Avoid the flourish. Do not be afraid to be weak. Do not be ashamed to be tired. You look good when you’re tired. You look like you could go on forever. Now come into my arms. You are the image of my beauty.

Leonard Cohen, “How To Speak Poetry”  (via petrichour)

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Comme des Garcons s/s 2013

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The greatest temptation of our time is impatience, in its full original meaning: refusal to wait, undergo, suffer.

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"Runway" by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia January 2010

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ondria @ giambattista valli spring/summer 2015 backstage.

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Who lives in NYC???????

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Yumi Lambert @ Balenciaga S/S 15

#ye babe
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I’m so good at holahooping, you guys its surreal, immense, it’s a gift ;)

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"Even Better" photographed by Ben Hassett for Vogue China 2012

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vivienne westwood, fall 2012

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